Inside-out consulting

A different way

Too many projects fail to deliver impact as the balance between consultants and the client is simply not right.

In BPI, we always work from the inside – with you owning the project.

A senior advisor first helps scope and frame the “right” project. We then act as a catalyst for change by engaging and empowering experts within your organization to help execute the project.

This ensures better solutions and stronger anchoring and ownership.

We believe that projects can be delivered with high quality, lower cost and stronger ownership when done in collaboration between client and consultants.

BPI typically acts as “travel guides” on the journey. Once we know the destination, we prepare the journey and help getting you there in the best manner possible. We offer experiences from similar journeys and tailor it to deliver on your needs.

But this is your journey. We expect your to be part of it, setting the pace and crossing the obstacles that we will meet on the way. This is the best way for everybody to reach the new destination.
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