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The BPI Manifest

Do or die
Finance is at a crossroad – we either reinvent ourselves or make ourselves victims of change. That is the hard truth!

Unfortunately, we find that Finance is slow to react. Caught like a deer in a headlight, many keep applying the same thinking and tools as they have done for the past 50 years. By not responding to the rapid changes in our surroundings, we are at significant risk of being struck hard by an 18-wheeler of digitalisation that is approaching fast.

Help us change the game of Finance
To earn our stripes in tomorrow’s market place, Finance, of course, needs to embrace the modern technologies and leverage the huge automation potential (or someone else will).

At the same time, we must enter the scene and take the role of business partners far more seriously. No more talking, no more aspirational dreaming, no more excuses – it is time to act now!

Let’s make it about the business – not about Finance.
Let’s make it about value creation – not just costs.
Let’s dare to challenge, to have an opinion and to leverage our strength in the numbers to identify and propose ways to optimise the business.
Let’s risk something, be bold, dare to be wrong. Battles are not won by staying in the trenches.
Let’s be innovative, challenge current thinking and come up with new ways for Finance to engage and create value.

BPI is a catalyst for change
We are launching BPI to be a catalyst for change in Finance.
We want to inspire individuals and organisations to change.

Michael, Bo & Anders

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