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Books about Business Partnering

As business partners we need to look to the gurus for inspiration.
Here are a number of the books which have inspired and influenced us the most

Ray Dalio | Principles

Ray Dalio has built the largest global hedge fund, Bridgewater, from scratch. In this excellent book, he shares his value insights for effective decision making driven by radical truth and radical transparency. This is a must read for business partners!

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David H. Maister | The Trusted Advisor

Without trust, the ability for business partners to influence decisions is very limited. Therefore, we must be proactive in building trusted relations to key stakeholders. Centered around the "Trust Equation", this book provides concrete tips and insights on how to increase your level a trust . It should be on every business partner's bookshelf.

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Jim Loehr & Tony Schwartz | The Power of Full Engagement

A career as a business partner is demanding. Faced with ever increasing workload and pressure to meet deadlines, we need to be very conscious about our time and personal resilience. For many, time management doesn’t do it and the authors of this book demonstrate that managing your energy, not time, is the key to enduring high performance. This book has been a game changer for our lives - also outside of business.

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John P Kotter | Leading Change

As business partners, we often act as change catalysts within the organisation. Moreover, the shift from cost centre to profit centre in Finance is itself a change. Kotter’s 8-step change process for leading change is a great inspiration for how to lead and manage change for business partners.

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Jim Collins | Good to great

Despite being nearly 20 years old, this book has never lost it relevance. Based on extensive research, Jim Collins describes the traits that distinguishes truly great companies from average companies. Very relevant background information when you want to contribute with new insights as a strategic business partner.

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