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How do you create value with Business Partnering?

The concept of Business Partnering is not new.  The Business Partnering aspiration is well described, but few will tell you how you go below the generic punchlines and make Business Partnering operational in your own organisation.

In BPI, we are intrigued by the challenge of creating impact with Business Partnering. We are practitioners, who live and breathe Business Partnering every day, and we have found concrete and operational ways of making Business Partnering work.

There are three conditions for a successful
business partnering transformation


Make it about people
Most Finance Transformations focus on organisation, processes and technology. This is good for cutting cost. If you want to increase your impact, you must focus on your people. You need to change the mindset, capabilities and actual behaviours. Don’t underestimate the effort – it’s a long journey.


Make it tangible and concrete
There is nothing wrong with a poster on the wall stating that you should be proactive, value adding and a trusted partner. However, if you don’t break it down to what you actually want your team to do different, you are very unlikely to see a change in behaviour. So, be specific and incorporate new ways of working into daily work


Make it a priority
In a recent survey, 60% of companies found Business Partnering important – but only 3% defined it as a top 3 priority. For most organisations, the move to Business Partnering represents a significant change in role, culture and mindset. To succeed, you need to make it a visible priority, invest in the development of your people and put in your management focus.

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