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Disruption And The 5 Types Of CFOs

Disruption And The 5 Types Of CFOs

Today there’s so much talk about disruption but how does all that relate to the CFO role? Let’s look at the CFO’s role in a company in terms of defending against, predicting and creating disruption. The old-fashioned CFO Starting with the old type of CFO who is focused on backward looking financial reporting, control, and […]

The “CAO” And The Analytics Analyst

The “CAO” And The Analytics Analyst

Samuel Dergel, Executive Search Consultant and author of “Guide To CFO Success” posted a story proposing a new name added to the executive table – Chief Analytics Officer or CAO and stating that since Finance had not managed Big Data and Advanced Analytics well it should be taken off the CFOs hands. However, later, we […]

How To Break Free From A Stereotype

How To Break Free From A Stereotype

In all industries and professions, there are stereotypes about jobs and the people who possess them. They are all over the place from the cocky and superior surgeon in the healthcare industry over the boring bean counter in finance to the politicians who care more about winning elections than speaking the truth to voters. However, […]

Soccer Goals for Sale – the Story The aim is a wonderful part of equipment if you’re son or daughter is a tournament player and requires extra practice at home. Our soccer goals vary from portable objectives, to goals created for junior and senior competitions. Soccer goals ought to be made to resist the test […]

Gas Powered Scooters for Dummies Excellent, you should delight in having a gas scooter. A gas scooter should have fuel and so will be a great deal more expensive to operate. Gas powered scooters provide a very reasonably priced and enjoyable approach to travel. They have become very popular in recent years with a variety […]

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